It’s been a while since Lakeway’s stunning debut release on Med School with ‘Frozen Nerves’, but he must of been cooking up a storm! As now he begins his ‘The Misadventures of Lakeway’ series, with an absolute monstrous sea voyage for part 1.Β 

For those present at Hospitality on the Beach and were on the Med School boat party, you’d of known Lakeway was causing mischief with his latest sounds. With the influence of Jungle, Bassline, instrumental Grime and musical madness – it’s time to submerge ourselves in to the sea.

Taking charge of this submarine is Highs & Lows. An amplified ambient beginning, merging with the vocal samples of “Highs & Lows” and “Keep on fighting” set the inspiration for this undersea voyage. As the depths deepen, we’re introduced to the sounds of trap and grime influenced beats. The layers on this track are sheer beauty, this is one hybrid half-time stepper I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of.

As we venture further in to this journey, he stumble in to Dead & Gone. This track is a perfect indications that the underwater currents can get rough. Especially with it’s tough drum breaks, and tensed synths. The outbursts of this track are sure to snap some hands whilst being blasted from the speakers to any event.

Aches & Pains being the final destination of Part 1, again gives us some fresh sounds. With bellowing vocal out-calls from the start, you’re blown in to a spiral of Jungle sounds. From punchy kicks, and vapour synths – you’re definitely way out on to the adventure of ‘The Misadventures of Lakeway’. As the final track settles, we wonder where we’ll end up next as this journey continues…

As always, Lakeway has graced our ears with another top-tier EP on Med School Music. This series is definitely one to keep an ear open too.

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