Early today Noisia took to social media to announce their retirement at the end of 2020. 1,000’s of fans have already marked this announcement as sad news. With many fans thanking them for their hard work and their amazing music they’ve released over the years.

BSSDRP: End of Noisia 2020

In their joint statement they revealed that “For almost 20 years, all three of us wanted pretty much the same,” continuing on to explain “but we’ve developed, and realized that nowadays we want different things.”.

They described themselves as “a beautifully consolidated shape.”, explaining that “And we want to leave Noisia in that shape, rather than keep chiselling at it, with the risk of ruining it.”. “A good artist should know when an artwork is finished.”.

Their final year will mark their 20 years together, with expectation that they’ll go out in style. The last year will hold one final tour along with a series of releases. They will also remain in their Groningen studio both as their solo and collaborative non-Noisia capacities. Their labels Vision and Division will also continue to run.

Sad news for us all, but I’m excited to see what the new chapter will hold for Noisia. But until then, lets make the most of their final year.

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