They’ve teased us for a week with the countdown, but now the announcement is here! Volume 2 to Korsakov Music’s Compilation is coming, and it’s looking to be the best one so far.

The first volume of Korsakov’s compilations was released on the 1st October last year. We saw heavy tracks from Droptek, Levela, Zombie Cats, L33, Maztek, Mindscape & Jade, Rido and many more heavy names. Volume 1 caused a storm within the scene, and we’re expecting even strong with the release of Volume 2.

And stronger is what we’re getting! With volume two in our vision, we see the release date set to the 25th October, just over a year on since the last. It’s definitely worth the wait seeing the top-tier dominatingΒ producers on this compilations.

The Korsakov Compilations Vol. 2 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯01. Teddy Killerz02. Raiser03. Smooth04. Droptek05. Madster06. DJ Blackley &…

Posted by Korsakov Music on Friday, 9 August 2019

The artist list is:
Teddy Killerz, Raiser, Smooth, Droptek, Madster, DJ Blackley & Sublimit, Cause4Concern (Optiv & CZA), Dub Elements, Current Value, Gydra, James Marvel, Mean Teeth, Lights Out (L33 & MC Coppa), A-Cray and Erb N Dub (ft MC Coppa).

That’s one intense looking list! Which one would you listen to first? Because I surely can’t decide. Korsakov aren’t going lightly about this, that’s for sure. Each artist is a heavy contender.

With teasers and single releases to build up the hype along the way (if any more hype is possible!), it was definitely worth the wait but it’s going to be torturous from now until the full release. But until we get to lay our ears on the first single from this drop, grace your ears on the last compilation below.

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