Having only been in the scene for two years, Kaz Mulligan AKA KAZ has become an absolute force to be reckoned with. She has been showcasing her powerhouse potential as a resident DJ on Manchesters BLOC2BLOC, which has been gracing all of our screens for some time now. Watch this space as big things are happening. Now its time to introduce KAZ to the world and find out how it all began…

I first discovered you from the Bloc2bloc page on Facebook, and of course, I’ve been a fan ever since. What I’m curious about is how did your relationship with Bloc2bloc come about?

I was at a night in Manchester a couple of years ago and I was chatting to the photographer about how I wanted to become a DJ but had no idea where to start, straight away he took me over to Jack Banner and then I discovered all about Bloc2Bloc, after a while of practising eventually I plucked up the courage to go up and do my first live stream, which I did on my controller at the time but soon after that I ditched the controller and started learning on CDJs, and now here we are I suppose!

What made you want to break into the music scene?

I used to go to a lot of raves (well I still do!) and just seeing the DJ up on stage behind the decks dropping absolute bangers and making the crowd roar. – I wanted to be that person! I never imagined that it would actually happen though.

We’ve seen you mix, but we haven’t seen your tracks – Could we expect a release coming up?

I’ve only just started producing really. I have got a few tracks I’ve been working on but I’ve only been producing for about 6 months so I wouldn’t say I have anything release worthy yet, but who knows?

What would your signature sounds be?

Filthy, horrible, face-melting drops that are probably enough to scare young children, sorry to be short but there is not really any other way to put it.

What’s the first D&B song that pulled you in and got you hooked?

I remember being about 10 years old in my mum’s car and Chase and Status- Hurt you was playing on the radio and I just remember thinking, I don’t know what sort of music this is but I love it!! And that was pretty much it, I fell in love with dnb after that!

You’re from Cheshire, what is the D&B scene there like?

DEAD. I can’t even name a venue that plays D&B within about a 20-mile radius.

Ouch, that’s painful to hear!

With that being said, what city do you enjoy playing in the most and which city do you think has the most hyped crowd?

So far it’s got to be Manchester all day, it’s kind of like my home crowd, haha! But I really want to do sets in Bristol and London, I feel like the scene is stronger down there and there are a lot more opportunities.

If there was one thing about the D&B scene that you could change what would it be?

In the D&B scene right now there’s too much hate and controversy. A lot of it isn’t even real hatred it’s just trolls and people fishing for likes by hating on other artists, it’s getting a bit ridiculous now, to be honest.

As a female DJ have you ever felt segregated and/or pit against the male DJs?

Not particularly. I feel like there is a lack of women in the scene but I wouldn’t say we’re segregated from the men at all if anything we stand out! It can get a bit hard as a female in the industry though I suppose, especially at this age you just get hounded for every reason under the sun whether its what you’re wearing, the way you mix, the tunes you play, there’s always someone trolling somewhere, but you get used to it and just learn to ignore it.

On a more positive note, who inspires you within the scene?

I’d say DJ Storm is a big inspiration for me, the fact that she’s been in the scene for so long, still smashing it doing what she loves to this day. Another would have to be Bou, he was one of the first people that sort of ‘noticed’ me, he brought me on to his label Diamond Audio last year and he always says he sees a lot of potential in me. He also helps me with production tips and other cool things. Plus the guys just absolutely smashing it right about now! Last but not least would have to be IndiKa, as you probably know she’s become a really good friend of mine through music and Bloc2Bloc and just watching her grow within the scene in such little time is amazing to see.

Festival season is currently in full swing, where should we be looking out for you?

My next event is Spectrum at Tunnel Club in Birmingham on the 31st of August supporting Upgrade and Dutta which should be amazing. Then the week after I’m playing at Outlook Festival in Croatia with the rest of the Bloc2Bloc crew which I’m REALLY excited for. I’ve never even been outside of the UK before so to be going over there and actually DJing on my first holiday abroad is going to be such an insane experience!

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