Paul T and Edward Oberon are a powerful force in the world of D&B. With a string of high-quality releases on V Records, they have made a name for themselves among D&B aficionados. If you somehow haven’t come across the pair yet, you will at least be familiar with one of their standout tracks, Moon In Your Eyes, which has been floating around on dub for the past year or so. A true anthem, it is a sign of big things to come from the two producers!

The dynamic duo have established their own unique sound with tracks such as Take My Breath Away, I Still Love You, and now the double A-side Look For The Light / Broken. On top of this, they have firmly established themselves as names to watch on the club and festival circuit, making appearances at various legs of Planet V’s Future album tour and with a number of confirmed festival appearances this summer! Now is definitely the time to get in on the Paul T and Edward Oberon hype.

We were fortunate enough to catch up with them to talk about their new single, forthcoming tracks on V’s Future album, and a few more exclusive bits of news! Read on to see what they had to say…

Let’s jump straight in to talking about your latest release, Look For The Light. Was there any inspiration behind making the track, or the track title?

Paul: The title, Look For The Light, mainly came about because of the vocal that was used, but it definitely seems appropriate for right now.
Edward: We’re picking up where we left off, making a segue into the next upcoming release; so, in hindsight it seems like a fitting title as we are moving forward to the next chapter.

Next release? I’m liking the sound of this…
Paul: Yes, Well, we have Look for the Light / Broken coming May 31, but following that, there will be the Future album celebrating 25 years of V! It’s a compilation featuring ourselves and other artists on the V roster. We’ve got some tracks slotted for it – we’re very excited about it.

We need to talk about Moon In Your Eyes. It’s a huge track and everyone wants to know about it – will that be coming on Future?
Paul: It will be part of the 25 years of V compilation – Bryan Gee has personally selected it for the album. It’s one of the main tracks bolstering the album as there is a lot of anticipation surrounding its release. With releases, scheduling and timing are always something to consider; so, while the date has been moved into the summer from its original slot in February, it’s worked out quite well for me and Ed as far as travelling and shows are concerned!
Edward: Definitely, has given the track more time to build and reap the benefits of a healthy following.
Paul: Releasing a tune to A-list people to play 6 to 8 weeks beforehand is better. Same applies with Look for the Light/Broken; Lots of big names have been showing it support.

Sounds like you’re definitely doing something right then!
Paul: We had a meeting with Bryan recently and he said we have honed our skills and have a very unique sound and never make the same song twice. He told us to keep doing what we’re doing, which was quite nice actually.
Edward: Real positive affirmation – always feels nice
Paul: We are quite like that actually, not a single tune we make is the same as another.
Edward: Our sound is constantly evolving and moving forward.

So, you’ve had a few other tunes with Serum, such as Take My Breath Away, Burning and Moon in your Eyes. Any other plans with him? Your sounds work so well together.
Paul: Thank you. We love to collaborate with other like-minded artists – Serum being one of those with whom we enjoy swapping ideas. We work on collabs when schedules permit or when we have an idea that may be suitable. All in all, it’s something we’re looking to do. There’s something forthcoming. He’s extremely busy as are we, but we love working on our songs as a trio! We have some other collabs we’re working on as well…

Who with? Please tell me more!
Paul: What do you reckon Ed? Should we?
Edward: I’d like to say, but it’s much, much better if it’s a surprise.
Paul: Sometimes it’s best to be a bit more mysterious with it y’know. Sometimes the best ones are the ones which just come along.
Edward: It’s better in that situation if it just turns up one day. If we talk about it for a long time, it’s great but, it’s still got to be done! Best to just get to work and see the benefits when they arrive.

Talking more about the Planet V Future album and the tour, any more things to announce with that!
Paul: It’s fantastic. Planet V / V Recordings have just announced another event at the Steelyard, and we will be doing one there at the end of the year as well. On the gig front we have quite a lot happening with dates in the US, UK and continental Europe. 2 that immediately come to mind are Liquicity Festival in the Netherlands this July as well as Sun and Bass in September. Our Facebook page has all of our upcoming dates and appearances.

Any more details on the Future album itself?
Paul: Of course, that’s up to Bryan and the V team. There are definitely some artists that we expect to see on board from the V camp, but we will have to wait and see what the final product is.
Edward: Hopefully some of our favourite V artists will be on there like Krust, Dillinja etc.

You have a strong partnership going. How did these things come about?
Paul: AOL instant messenger! We were both part of a big group of individuals online who were in to D&B and got talking through there. I have no idea how long ago that was!
Edward: It’s got to have been at least 13 or 14 years ago, something like that? A long time ago anyway, nobody uses instant messenger anymore!
Paul: So we met on there, Ed was doing a lot of music on there so we just said ‘let’s do some music together’.
Edward: At the time Paul had some releases with Dispatch and Fusion, I had some with Creative Source and Soundtrax; AND we both had releases with Bukem’s Good Looking. We were writing separately and eventually began making stuff together around 2011 or so.
Paul: When we had our own releases, it was so long ago that the releases weren’t even digital! Even if it was you could only get it through the label’s own site, you couldn’t get them on Beatport or anything.

And your connection with V?
Paul: Well, we had a few things on Source Direct, and then V came as a bolt out of nowhere!
Edward: Yeah, that’s true! We had a few singles floating around getting played on BBC and Ministry of Sound and after we sent the new batch out, V took interest straight after that.
Paul: We did a lot of work on our first release with them, Colours of the Sun, we sent that EP to Bryan and Marky, Bryan came back and wanted it immediately and that was it. Signed the EP, and that’s where it began.

Can we talk about what other future plans you have?
Paul: We have got something BIG in the pipeline but we can’t talk about it! Something which is happening towards the end of this year to the beginning of next. We’re not allowed to say too much.
Edward: No, we can’t divulge too much unfortunately, but it’s definitely the highlight of time in the studio right now…
Paul: Something happening around December-January, that’s all we’re allowed to say right now!

You haven’t done an album together, right? If you see where I’m going with this…
Paul: No, we haven’t! I don’t know, you didn’t like the idea of it either, did you Ed.
Edward: It’s something we’ve considered, but it’s a lot of work. We’ll see.
Paul: I think it’s a good way of having lots of songs which vary in style, it doesn’t all necessarily have to be dancefloor like singles.
Edward: Good for showing versatility and capability.

Paul: An eclectic mix! But as far as an album goes, it’s just about having the time to do it all really.

Anything else you want to talk about before we’re finished?
Paul: Are we allowed to mention about THAT collab… with Makoto?
Edward: Why not! It’s been on social media already. Lots of pictures of us in the studio together. There’s evidence now!
Paul: There’s a release forthcoming with him, can’t say much more!

Edward: We’re looking forward to it!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, we’re huge fans of yours over here at and really appreciate it!

Paul T & Edward Oberon: Our Pleasure, Thank you!

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Their latest release, Look For The Light / Broken, is out on now on V Recordings, click to here purchase!

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