Haden White is the man behind the mask for alias Revan. Sadly we’ve discovered he isn’t the character from Star Wars, but he definitely comes with some force. With his debut EP launched, he’s definitely picking up a name for himself.

As well as his solo alias, you may also know Haden from being one half of Ill Truth, who have also been causing major waves within the scene. Being based in Bristol and also releasing on Bristol based label, Lockdown Recordings – he is within the heart of Drum & Bass.

And that definitely shows with this release. With the debut release being out as a Beatport exclusive, with the full release to follow on the 5th, we spoke to Revan to find out more on his new adventure.

Congratulations on your stunning debut release!

Thanks a lot! The response so far has been great, really appreciate you asking me to discuss it with you.

This may be your debut release, but you aren’t by any means new to the scene. You’re still one half of Ill Truth. What made you want to focus on your own solo alias?

So as you said, Ill Truth is still going and we have no intention of it going away any time soon! The solo alias made sense to be honest; myself and Jay make a lot of music individually and there’s no way we can release it all under I’ll Truth otherwise we’d have a release out every 2 weeks. I wanted to go back to making some more moody, minor music, stuff with a load of shakers and thought of doing a solo thing with some of these ideas I had written.

How did the name Revan come about?

The name came about after months of frustration trying to figure out a name that I was happy with. In my frustration I started watching some Star Wars fan theory videos – because I’m really cool and am definitely not a massive nerd. One of these super not nerdy, ultra cool videos was talking about Revan, who was a top notch Sith lord back in the day – yeah, I’m still super cool and sick. I heard the name and instantly made my decision with it. I was annoyed with myself as I had been a massive ultra cool Star Wars nerd for as long as I can remember and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before.

You’re definitely a nerd! Haha

How about ‘Trip Tones’, how did the EP come about?

Trip Tones as an EP was more of a chance for me to try to create something that incorporated a few varied styles of D&B that I love all within that minor, moody umbrella. It wasn’t formulated or properly planned to be honest; I worked for about 5 months making sketches and going through older projects and picked my favourite four, initially I didn’t think it worked together but once I had tidied up the mix downs and gave it that atmosphere across the tracks I sat back and was actually extremely proud of it.

Trust me, it takes me a lot to say I’m proud of my own work usually so it was a bit of a break through to be honest with you.

You’ve established a range of sounds throughout this EP. But how would you describe the sounds of Revan?

I would say the sound of Revan, so far anyway, is melancholy, moody, rolling and some times smooth. Right now its difficult for people to see it as I’ve only released 1 EP but I have a lot of things in the works more of the smoother musical side. The key is shakers and pads, lots and lots of shakers and pads.

My favourite has to be “Move to Me”, such a melodic and beautiful piece. Could you take me through the story and idea behind this track?

The idea behind the track came from a sketch Jamie (Primitive Instinct) sent over to me. It had these chordal stabs and a great key to it along with an acapella that was pretty raw at the time. He sent it across and I pieced a quick sketch together before going on a night out. I sent it back to Jamie and we both agreed we had something special.

It started out pretty dry and didn’t have a lot of space or atmosphere on it so we spent time on creating a some-what cinematic progression with the pads and wanted it to keep building on the intensity with the musical elements.

If I’m honest there wasn’t a game plan with this, it was one of those beautiful times where the song basically writes itself.

What were your influences and inspirations for this EP?

I think for the EP the influences are very wide, anything from a blend of Breakage and War in ‘The Battle’, Halogenix and Perez in ‘Move To Me’, Mako in ‘Charge’ and a hybrid of DLR, Sinic, Barry White, Jon Travolta and a can of Rio in ‘Trip Tones’.

I only realised the inspirations after I finished the EP, I will never sit down and try to make a tune like someone else it’s always that subconscious creative flow that ends in you doing it without thinking about it.

This EP has left me wanting to hear more from you, what’s next?

Good, I’m glad it’s had that affect and not made you never want to hear anything I do ever again, that was a serious fear when I first put it together.

I am working on the next lot of releases now, this project isn’t going to be the kind of 1 release a month project though, I am taking my time with this stuff so the next full EP may be a while off but I will have some things in-between to hopefully keep you interested.

So you’re going to keep us waiting? Damn. It’ll be worth the wait, I’m sure.

What about everything else, how’s festival season looking for Revan?

Everything is fantastic with Revan bookings, I’ve been booked to play at no festival or gigs for the foreseeable future, I’m hoping to get a big gig confirmed at my friends baby shower next month though so stay tuned for that!

Oh no! Somebody book this guy!

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Buy Revan’s debut EP ‘Trip Tones’ here

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