2019 sees Andy C return to XOYO for another 13-week residency, with the opening night taking place last Friday (4th Jan). Andy is the first ever DJ to be asked to return for a second residency at the London club, and expectations are running high as his 2017 run was labelled by many as the drum & bass event of the decade. We went down to XOYO on Friday night to see if the opening party could live up to the hype.

The answer was yes, of course. Andy rolled out for 4 and a half hours in what was a truly memorable set. As is always the case with Andy his mixing was absolutely sublime throughout, so many well executed blends and double drops no one else would even dare dream of pulling off. And his tune selection was as fiery as usual, golden classics effortlessly mixed with the freshest dubs from all the drum & bass subgenres.

His intro of the Audio Remix of Hive’s ‘Neo’ with ‘Special Place’ by Sub Focus got the crowd hooked and then in typical Andy fashion he unleashed chaos from that point on. The favourite mix of the night for most of the people we spoke to was Ed Rush & Optical’s ‘Chubrub’ dropped into the Break Remix of ‘Hard Noize’ by Dillinja. This absolutely went off and got a well-needed rewind. Urbandawn’s bootleg of The Beatles’ ‘Come Together’ was another big moment of the night, as was a flashback to Wembley when he let us relive the intro to his November All Night set with his own unreleased tune ‘Till Dawn’ mixed with classic ‘Turbulence’ from Moving Fusion and Pendulum’s ‘Blood Sugar’.

Andy slowly bringing in ‘Temperance’ by Marcus Intalex was a special moment – Marcus played at one of the 2017 residency nights but sadly passed away just a few months later. The big finale began with Konflict’s ‘Messiah’ doubled with Noisia & Phace’s ‘Program’, followed by nearly 10 tunes in the next few minutes in a blitz that left us craving more – Andy certainly looked like he still had a few hours left in him at the end but XOYO’s 4am curfew called.

The 800-capacity club has recently been refurbished – the DJ booth has been lowered and moved to the right of where it used to be, which brings more people closer to the DJ and gives a great view of them at work for those near the front. The new layout has kept XOYO’s intimate feel, which is what originally attracted Andy to the venue, as his way of recreating the vibes of RAM Records’ original residencies at The End.

The fact that this set came just 7 weeks after his last 5-hour extravaganza at Wembley Arena shows the calibre of the man, we were treated to a completely different set with fresh mixes and a totally different flow and direction to the set. An honourable mention goes to Tonn Piper who hosted the full set and wandered through the dancefloor at one point to have a singalong with the crowd to ‘Ready Or Not’. The crowd vibes in the Old Street basement were unreal, ravers young and old going mad all night and slapping the walls and pillars throughout.

Andy’s second residency is sure to live up to last time and create some truly special memories for all. They don’t call him the Greatest Of All Time for nothing.

Catch Andy C and guests at XOYO every Friday in January, February and March.

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