With the festival season in full swing here in the UK, it is quite difficult to think about what raves are in store for Autumn and Winter, however, some news has come out of Charterhouse Street this week that should have every D&B fan feeling hot under the collar, and by that we don’t just mean the heat wave! Fabriclive have just released a sneak preview of what we can look forward to between Autumn and Winter and it seems like 174bpm is the flavour of the moment.


BSSDRP: FabricLive Autumn/Winter 2019 lineup

Friday 27th September – Dirtyphonics + Guests

Arguably one of the biggest names in D&B across the channel, this French electro duo are renowned for their incredibly energetic sets that blend floor filling dancefloor and some of the more in your face Dubstep that is out there. They have an almost cult following. If you think you can handle it, pop down because you won’t be seeing them in England again for a while!

Friday 18th October – History Of Fabric – Our Pic

A night that is bound to bring the nostalgia in a big way. Fabric will be celebrating 20 years at the epicentre of London’s underground music scene with a rave that has more Drum And Bass than you can shake a stick at on it! Room Two will feature a takeover by Souped Up Records, Serums unstoppable label known for producing the heaviest rollers in the scene. With releases from Bou, Voltage, Bladerunner, Current Value and T>I on their roster, it will be a place to be.

Room Three in turn will be hosted by Lifestyle Music, a comparatively smaller outfit, but still a force to be reckoned with the likes of Signal and Black Barrell flying their flag. As for the main event, not much is known yet other than that Fabric will be celebrating their history. Let’s not forget that Hype held down a residency at the prestigious club, and they have collaborated with the likes of High Contrast, Fabio & Grooverider and DJ Craze. One thing is for sure, it will be a night to remember!

Friday 25th October – AWOL Halloween party

For Halloween, AWOL will return to serve up some of the best Jump Up vibes in the business. Last year’s event produced a lineup that was so full of legends, you may as well have just called it the Classic XI of D&B. We will certainly be looking forward to getting our freak on then.

Friday 8th November – AMC Presents ‘Energy’

If you can make AWOL for Halloween, then you can reward yourself with a full 2 months of rest before AMC tears Fabric a new one on the 8th. Not much is known about the lineup but AMC alone and his explosive style should be enough to tell you that this night will be one for the history books.

Friday The 29th Of November – 15 Years Of Shogun Audio X 10 Years Of Neosignal X Intrigue

Last but by no means least, just before we enter December, Fabric will host 3 D&B labels on the same night, two of which are celebrating big birthdays! Shogun audio need no introduction, standing as one of the biggest labels in the scene with a slew of sellout artists representing both their young squad and their older veterans.

Neosignal will then bring the power of darkness to room two, undoubtedly in the form of some outrageously heavy Neuro that you won’t find anywhere else. Lastly, Intrigue Music will take up the mantel and hold down room 3. This independent label started out in the D&B cradle that is Bristol back in 2003 and have since gone on to work closely with the likes of Break, Randall and Random Movement.

Well there you have it, some tantalizing nights coming your way from Fabric in 2019. Any catch your fancy? Grab your tickets here!

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